A Bad Cold

Well, I guess this COVID thing is going to hang on a little longer. Kind of like a bad cold. I tell people that I don’t get colds, but now I have the granddaddy of all colds. I sound like Sam Elliott, sneeze often, cough a lot, blow my nose every couple of minutes, have a headache, muscle aches, and enjoy a nap every couple of hours.

But my energy level is good and my attitude is positive. I plan on riding my stationary bike for an hour today, lifting weights for an hour, and working on the mustang for a couple of hours. I am also going to get a bunch of “Pastor work” done. I am going to write birthday and anniversary notes, grade leadership class papers, write my sermon for next Wednesday’s service, go through my prayer journal as I pray for people in our church, write the church family letter, and fill out and send out my “pastor accountability” report to the pastors that I am in a group with. If I get all those checked off of my “to do” list, I will feel pretty good

My old motto, “don’t act the way you feel,” works good when you are sick as well. So, even though I am sick with the COVID I can act like I am having the time of my life. The way we act, the level of positiveness, the attitude we choose to have, all has an impact on what happens in our life. I for sure don’t want to act and talk like a victim. I thank God all day long for all my blessings that I have received from Him.

3 thoughts on “A Bad Cold

  1. Joan Wiley

    Mike and I will be praying for you. We thank the Lord that He has His hand upon you and will see you through this in a victorious way.


  2. Chris Northstorm

    The post Covid recovery is irritating (for us lucky ones) and a good time to let God reveal some hidden areas of the heart. You’ve been saying that and I needed to hear it and then experience it. There’s a strange depression that wants to creep in and fatigue, irritation, etc. So, keep up your regimen and be patient, walk with God, abide in Christ, drink plenty of water, and keep walking/biking/moving. I look forward to continuing to hear your testimony and insights along the way. I think it will encourage many on a new level. I am praying for you and Patty to wrap up this virus and it’s after effects quickly and thoroughly. God bless you both!



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