The Craziest Ending Football Game that I have Ever Seen

I watched an NFL playoff game this afternoon between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. It was one of the most exciting 4th quarter of foootball that I have ever seen. The lead changed hands three times in the last two minutes. Patrick Mahomes got the ball back on the 25-yard line with 13 seconds left, the Chiefs were behind, but they went on to win the game. It was back and forth, back and forth, it was crazy.

I thought to myself, the only way this kind of ending can happen is if neither team gives up, not even a little bit. Lots of people in their own life go by the statistics and probability and give up when if some effort was given things could have been different.

This is a really short blog, but I am going steehead fishing tomorrow on the Siletz River and have to get up at 4:00 am.

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