Thursday Night Football and the Devil

Some people think that the devil, Satan was an oops in God’plan, that as a result of the devil’s success in tempting Adam and Eve, God was forced to make changes in His plan. No, the devil did exactly what God created him to do. He is called our adversary, the one we fight against as we live life. Everything that God has done is doing, and will do is designed to cause us to grow into the image of God, the character of Jesus. He knew that we needed an adversary to make us strong and wise. The word that God uses in Revelation 2 and 3 as He addresses the winners in the churches is “overcomers,” those who have overcome the devil.

I am watching “Thursday Night Football” while I ride my stationary bike and write this blog. On the field is satan and his demons on one side, and the church on the other side. Some think that our battle with the kingdom of darkness is one-on-one combat. Still, almost every reference in the Bible to resisting, standing firm, and battling the devil is plural; even in Ephesians 6, the description of putting on the armor of God to fight successfully against the devil is all plural. We fight and win against our adversary when we fight together in unity as the church, like a good football team.

The Apostle Paul says that the devil has schemes, plays, and we ought not to be ignorant of them. His goal is to create fear in us. When we are afraid we will lose. He does that through lies, the Bible calls him the father of lies. The primary tool that the devil uses to spread his lies is government leaders, religious leaders, and false prophets and teachers. If they would have had newscasters in the Old Testament they would have had first place. If he can create disunity in the church through fear and lies he wins and we lose.

He knows he has only a short time left so he is in overdrive. Jesus said, “know the truth,” don’t be naive, don’t be gullible, be wise and discerning. If you are in the middle of any disunity in your church, family, or among friends, do some honest self-examination and see if you are believing a lie.

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