Blue Funk

Periodically I feel down in the dumps, like tonight. Usually I don’t have a clue why, but I am pretty sure I am feeling down because all our kids and grandkids have all gone home after being here for a week.

I will probably stay up later tonight than I should, and about midnight eat a piece of lemon meringue pie that I got for my birthday, maybe two pieces, yeh, two pieces for sure! I will sleep in until 8:00 am in the morning, then go into Sportsman’s Warehouse and spend the gift cards that I got as gifts for my birthday. Then I will take Patty out to lunch, and when we have finished eating I will talk her into going to Harbor Freight to buy a tool with the cash that I got for my birthday, 73 one dollar bills. Then a bit later I will go watch Monday Night Football with some friends, if you want to watch it with me, you are welcome. Wow, what a fun day tomorrow is going to be, I am feeling better already!

Emotions are funny things. You can’t predict them, and you for sure can’t control them. The main thing is, I don’t let them control me, with the exception of the pie, of course. I am fortunate in that if I am going to have a downer day it is almost always on Mondays which I take off so I can do what I have planned tomorrow which is a perfect remedy for a blue funk for me.

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