A number of years ago I read a book with the title axioms, and when I finished reading it I decided to write my own book by that title. It wouldn’t be for anybody to read except for me, and I would read it over and over again. An axiom is a statement that is self-evidently true. I would write out short, easy to remember, almost motto like statements that I would operate my life by, my pastoring, leading, in my marriage, with my kids and grandkids, and life in general, and attempt to teach others to use as guidelines in their life as well. Over the years I would add new axioms as I personally discovered them from experience, mostly from failures, or witnessed or heard from someone else that was experienced and wise, or that I read. I have 92 axioms right now, but expect that I will write a number more in the near future from my COVID experiences as a pastor of Jefferson Baptist Church. Because I write them short, and as memorable as possible, and read them several times a month they are in my head, and they quickly pop into my thinking at appropriate times. I will share some of my favorites that I repeat all the time to whoever will listen.

1. God blesses unity not methods, it doesn’t matter how we do things as long as we do them together.

2. Don’t be negative, critical, judgmental, or complaining about anything if you want people to enjoy your company.

3. God blesses anybody who forgives everyone of anything.

4. Bible reading and prayer are to our spiritual health what diet and exercise are to our physical health, neglect any one of the four and you will get sick, physically, spiritually, or both.

5. Do the right thing because it is the right thing even if you don’t feel like it.

6. You don’t have to act the way you feel.

7. Just because you get hurt doesn’t mean you have to yell.

8. Don’t quit when you are losing or when you feel like a loser, wait until you are winning then it will be for the right reason.

9. Live everyday as if it is your last before you stand before Jesus at the Judgment Seat and give an account to Him about how you have lived.

10. The more stuff you own the more stuff owns you.

11. Learn a new skill, do something you have never done before, and go someplace you have never been before every year.

12. Make the most of your time, spend your time on paper before you spend it in real life.

13. Steward your money well, spend it on paper before you spend it at the store.

14. Measure and count everything that matters and if it matters set a goal about it.

15. You get stronger by choosing to do things that are harder., quit and you will become a wimp.

3 thoughts on “Axioms

  1. Craig Morton

    Those are great axioms, I’ve heard you faithfully teach many of them. Maybe you could share some more in future blogs? Thank you!


  2. Jo

    Lol… looks like it didn’t publish my whole comment….
    Me thinks #15 is a bedrock (axiom) principle for many things in life…
    Give up and one becomes “whimpy” across the board….

    15. You get stronger by choosing to do things that are harder, quit and you will become a wimp….

    Funny in watching the cartoon “Popeye”…he is the symbol of strength in character and stamina…
    “Wimpy”…. just the opposite… rightfully named as the character plays out the definition of his name….



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