My Birthday Goals

Every year I start writing my goals on October 1st and finish them by October 27th, my birthday, and start pursuing them.

  1. I will read 12 chapters each day in my Bible.
  2. I will Pray 30 minutes every day by myself.
  3. I will Pray for 15 minutes twice each week on my kneeling bench in my office.
  4. I will go salmon fishing in Alaska in July.
  5. I will Pray at three regular corporate prayer times at JBC each week.
  6. I will Pray 40 hours in each of the four “Five Days of Prayer” events.
  7. I will Pray with Patty three times each week minimum.
  8. I will go on a moose hunting trip with my son-in-law Phillip and others sometime before 2025.
  9. I will Pray through the church prayer letter each week.
  10. I will Pray for every person in the church every week using my Ipad app “prayermate.”
  11. I will Pray for Patty, all kids, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and grandkids every day.
  12. I will Maintain my prayer app, “PrayerMate,” keeping up to date with names and information.
  13. I will write prayers in my journal at least twice each week.
  14. I will go on a caribou hunting trip with Philip and others before 2025.
  15. Patty and I will have a budget meeting once each month holding each other accountable to our budget and financial goals.
  16. I will go tuna fishing at least once.
  17. I will take Patty on a date twice each month.
  18. I will present my life to Christ as Lord each morning, reciting my prayer of commitment.
  19. I will read 20 pages each day, five days a week, in a good book.
  20. I will work with Preston Mitchell and Rich Sebans on Small Group ministry and have 20 groups functioning well by May 1st, 2022.
  21. I will find and train someone to run the small group ministry, replacing myself, possibly a full time staff person.
  22. I will go on a catfish fishing trip to the Snake river.
  23. I will study, write and preach a sermon at Buena Vista Church each week from October through April.
  24. I will study, write and preach a sermon at our Wednesday night service each week from October through April.
  25. I will figure out and plan a deer/elk hunting trip this Fall.
  26. I will study and prepare well a lesson that I will teach each week in three different “Leadership I” classes.
  27. I will study and prepare well a lesson that I will teach in “Leadership II” class each week.
  28. I will study and prepare well a lesson that I will teach in my “Teaching and Preaching class” each week.
  29. I will fish with Nolan Davis at least twice for steelhead in December through March of 2022.
  30. I will meet with Brandon Morris, Preston Mitchell, Ben Dittman, Josiah Dedera, and Josiah Dittman as a group each week for an hour and teach and coach them in ministry success.
  31. I will meet with Pastor Mike at least weekly to discuss issues, goals, and strategies for JBC.
  32. I will attempt to plan and carry out a kokanee fishing trip to Anderson Ranch Reservoir with Seth and his family.
  33. I will keep track accurately and record how I use my time every day.
  34. I will write in my blog every day and pray and ask God to anoint my writing and that He would prompt many to read it, I will pray before I hit “publish.”
  35. I will go salmon fishing with Dave Maroon on the Colombia at least once in Fall of 2022.
  36. I will ride my stationary bike everyday for 1 hour.
  37. I will lift weights three times each week.
  38. I will run/walk 2 miles twice each week.
  39. I will run a 10 k race in the Fall of 2022.
  40. I will maintain my weight at or below 200 lbs.
  41. I will work on Scripture memory for 30 minutes every day and maintain 200th place.
  42. I will continue to develop and work with our JBC mentoring program.
  43. I will restore my 1969 mustang coup with my grandson Isaac, and it will be his car when we finish it.
  44. I will finish memorizing the book of Colossians.
  45. I will have a total of 800 verses memorized by October 27th, 2022.
  46. I will work with Brandon to plan, organize, and hold 3 “New Comers” Dinners.
  47. I will plan well and ride my bicycle with others from Yorktown, Virginia to my house, a trip of 4,000 miles in May and June.
  48. I will hand off the existing “Men’s Accountability Groups” and start three more.
  49. I will, with the help of others, write a devotional book using 365 of my former blogs.
  50. I will take Sam out for breakfast or lunch every other month.
  51. I will put in a quarter acre fish pond.
  52. I will start on building a three wheeled car from scratch.
  53. I will attempt to find and train someone to be the full-time pastor of Buena Vista Church.
  54. I will pray for each staff person and families twice each week.
  55. I will, without a doubt, organize my shops, super well, and keep them that way.
  56. I will expand the front of my shop, reroof it, re-side it, and paint it.
  57. I will paint the trim on my house.
  58. I will plan and attempt to go on a week-long fishing trip on a boat out of San Diego before 2025.
  59. I will plan and attempt to go on a whitetail buck and pig hunt in Texas before the end of 2025.
  60. I will faithfully attempt to encourage those who have drifted away from faithful attendance at JBC to return.
  61. I will attend a major “Church Growth” seminar and take at least one staff member with me.
  62. I will pray corporately for a total of 300 hours in 2022.
  63. I will pray every day without fail for 80 baptisms at JBC in the year 2022, and I will remind JBC people at least weekly to do the same.
  64. I will listen to at least 100 sermons on “youtube” and podcasts.
  65. I will get my Dory Boat set up for crabbing and learn how.
  66. I will attempt to take a grandson with me on each one of my fishing and hunting trips.
  67. I will write 100 handwritten notes to different people at JBC each month.
  68. I will teach a two-day seminar on the topic of leadership training on January 17th and 18th.
  69. I will attempt to establish a coaching relationship with at least two pastors this year.
  70. Patty and I will have people to our house for dinner at least six times in 2022.
  71. I will work with the Seniors ministry and develop a comprehensive plan and goals by January 1st.
  72. I will exercise self control and get at least six hours of sleep each night.
  73. I will read these goals at least once each week.

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