Columbus Day

There is a lot of stupid politics going on today about everything that is good, Christian, traditional, and American. One of those is the call by some to cancel Colombus Day and change it to “Indigenous People’s Day. “

Democratic Rep. Nydia Velázquez of New York described the Italian explorer as “a genocidal maniac,” and went on to say, “Today should just be IndigenousPeopleDay.”

When I was a kid I picked up many heroes that I admired and wanted to be like. Some of them were real people that I knew, but many were historical people that I learned about in school and in history books. One of my heroes was Christopher Colombus. He was on my hero list because he was brave, he had a dream and he went for it, and he did what everyone else was afraid of doing. When I was an Eighth-grader I asked my teacher Mrs Fosmark if she had any books about Christopher Colombus that I could read, and she brought me several that I devoured quickly so she brought me some more. She asked me if I would like to write a paper about Christopher Colombus from what I had learned from my reading. She told me that if it was good enough I would earn an “A” in history. I wrote the paper and entitled it, “Christopher Colombus, the Brave Explorer,” and I got my “A.” She entered it into a State writing contest for me that included kids up through Seniors in High School and I won first place.

Today almost everyone is afraid of COVID or something. In Colombus’s day everyone was afaid of falling off the edge of a flat earth. They were afraid of something that wasn’t true, but it didn’t matter that it wasn’t true, it still restricted their life. Columbus wasn’t afraid and because of his bravery he opened up the world to Europe. Most of the fear that controls and restricts people today is no more true than a flat earth, but it doesn’t matter if it is true or not, it still controls the lives of people

Columbus was a dreamer and he didn’t let the fear of failure keep him tired up to a dock in Europe, and he didn’t let the fear of death keep him from sailing to the edge of the known world and beyond, he pursued his dream. Most people have no dreams, no aspirations to do something great with their life, they are tied to the dock by their fears of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of pain and loss, and fear of death.

Columbus Day is a great day to celebrate and remember not only because of it’s significance in American history, but also because it commemorates the character that made America great in the past.

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