How to Teach Effectively

I have a class that I teach on how to teach and preach effectively. In the first class I shared some basic principles that I was taught year’s ago. I have tried to follow these over the years as I have had the goal of getting better, just a little bit better every time I speak.

1. Always be learning. A basic law of God is that people learn from a learner not a know it all. Once a person thinks they have it all figured out they stop learning and they stop teaching effectively. Learners read a lot, they listen to good teachers and preachers, and they seek counsel and advice from wise people in their life. Learners are constantly expanding the breadth of their knowledge-seeking. A teacher and preacher of the Bible can spend all their time studying and learning from the Bible but if he learns how to tie flies, learns how to weld, learns Spanish, learns how to grow blueberries, and many other things his teaching will become much more alive and interesting.

Proverbs 2:2-5
Make your ear attentive to wisdom,
Incline your heart to understanding;
For if you cry for discernment,
Lift your voice for understanding;
If you seek her as silver
And search for her as for hidden treasures;
Then you will discern the fear of the Lord
And discover the knowledge of God.

2. Learn how to write well. I read a lot of books, but I buy three times as many books as I read. When I start to read a book that I have purchased I give it one chapter to prove to me that it is a good book worth the time it takes to read it. If it doesn’t hold my attention well, then I throw it away or delete it if it is a Kindle or e-book. I want to learn how to write so that I hold people’s attention as they read, so I will only read books that do that to me so that I become a better writer by reading good writing,

A fundamental law of communication is that the better you write the better you will teach. As I write my daily blog I am constantly going back over and rereading what I wrote to determine if it makes sense, if it is clear, if it is logical, and if I think it will hold people’s attention as they read it.

A cool thing about the program that I use to write and publish my blog online is that it gives me a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly count of how many people read my blog. As I look at the numbers, it gives me the motivation to learn how to write better and to work at my writing harder.

More tomorrow.

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