How to Find a Good Wife part 3

The third characteristic that I was looking for in a girl that I would marry is that she would be tough. Not tough in an unfeeling, rough kind of way, but tough in a being able to handle trials without complaining kind of way.

Back when we attended college in Portland there was a permanent Theme Park with zillions of rides at what we called Jantzen Beach in the area just before you got on the I-5 bridge to Vancouver, Washington. It was a place that a lot of kids in the college I attended went to for dates. So I asked Patty if she wanted to go to Jantzen Beach and go on a couple of rides with me. I thought it would be a great way to get her to sit real close to me as we were flung around on a whirling ride.

She sounded excited when I asked her, so off we went. There weren’t many people there at the park the night we went, and when we got on what was called the octopus we were the only riders. The Octopus had eight long arms like spokes on a bicycle that went around and around. At the end of the eight long arms were eight smaller arms that had a seat for two at the end of each one and these went round and round as well. So the seats for two were going round and round in two dimensions very fast, and the whole thing would stop suddenly and change directions. Because there was no line of people waiting to ride the Octopus the guy running it just let us keep on riding.

I didn’t know it then but Patty gets motion sickness very easy, and she started getting sicker and sicker and vomited. I started yelling as loud as I could at the guy to stop and let us off, but he just let it keep going round and round, round and round. Finally after what seemed hours he stopped the ride and let us off. We went to a bench and just sat for a long time. Finally as they were shutting the place down for the night I suggested that we head back to school. Patty could barely stand up and she walked with a distinct bent-over posture that made her look like an old, homeless guy that frequented that place. After we got back to the campus parking lot I walked her back to the girl’s dorm and as she went in the door she turned around and said to me with a smile, “Thank you very much for taking me tonight, I had a wonderful time!”

As she walked off into the girls dorm I stood there with my mouth hanging open thinking, now that is one tough girl. Patty was the mother of eight kids, and the wife of a church-planting pastor and I don’t remember of ever hearing her complain or grumble about anything. Yep, she is one tough girl.

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