The Lord’s Bond-Servant

The Apostle Paul called himself the Lord’s bond-servant at the beginning and in most of his letters that he wrote. Jesus invited us to be and Paul encouraged all those who read his letters to be the servants of Jesus doing His work on this planet. When Jesus was here on the earth as a man, He was His method of accomplishing His work on this world. But now He is in heaven and His bond-servants are His method in accomplishing His work. The servants of Jesus are the ones He works through to accomplish His will and plan on earth, that is His method and strategy. Being a servant of Jesus is where the action is.

Today there are many who are believers in Jesus, Christians, but they are’t His servants. I compare it to a basketball team of 15 players, but only five are on the floor playing, striving to win, the rest are on the bench. The critical question is, “do you like being on the bench?” I played basketball in High School and college and spent most of my time on the bench, and I hated every minute of it. I can find a dozen requirements in Scripture that need to be in our life if we are going to be worthy to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus in this world.

The first requirement to be a servant of Jesus is that you must have a strong desire to be used by Him, to do something with your life that matters for all eternity, you must want it, really want it. This is what it means to be hot instead of lukewarm. Every morning I declare to Jesus that I want to be His servant, and I plead with Him to give me more to do for Him. A casual desire that says, “I will serve Him if it works out, if it is convenient, if I have time, if I am not to tired, doesn’t cut it with Jesus.

A great place to start this journey is to ask yourself how hot you really are.

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