Five Guaranteed Answers to Prayer

God will always answer the person asking for strength and power to live for God, to overcome sin, and to bear much fruit.

God loves to give wisdom to the person who knows he needs more so that he can talk and act in a way that attracts people to Jesus.

God gives joy to those who serve Him well, to those who are relentlessly pursuing righteousness.

There are very few people living around us who have prefect peace in the midst of the current craziness. I do, because God gives me peace because I ask for it and pray about anything that stresses me.

Those are four requests that God will always answer; strength, wisdom, joy, and peace. If those qualities are yours and increasing, you will be a difference-maker for God in the world today.

A fifth prayer request that God will always answer is the request for something to do that matters, that makes a huge difference in the world. An open door to an opportunity to bear much fruit for God. We are God’s children, the Holy Spirit lives in is, we were created and saved for good works.

But the sad truth is that very few Christians will ever do anything with their life that matters, that makes an eternal difference. The reason is that most believers are so entangled in the affairs of everyday life that they have no desire left do do something great with their life, and their prayers are seldom “give me something to do that matters, ” but instead their prayers are “take away the problems and trials in my life and give me comfort.” Those two prayer requests are incompatible with each other.

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