Best Kind of People

I used to lead or be part of short-term mission groups to Africa, Vietnam, and other places worldwide. I have been part of two different groups of about a dozen that came up to fish in Alaska for the last three weeks. Over the years, I have been part of hunting groups, fishing groups, service groups, bicycle groups, and travel groups. In all of these experiences with groups of people, some are fun and enjoyable to be with, and some are a significant pain, good people, but who don’t seem to do well away from home outside their everyday circumstances.

The character traits of those most enjoyable to be with are those who have a cheerful, thankful, appreciativeservant’s heart. Those who are a pain are those who don’t seem to enjoy serving others, grumble a lot about everything that isn’t right, want things to go their way, and tend to create an environment of tension and disunity in the group.

This is an area of our life that anyone who is a follower of Jesus should seriously evaluate themselves in and work diligently to grow and improve in. There are very few things that destroy our witness for Jesus as much as being critical, negative, complaining, and selfish. Being a positive, cheerful person is a matter of choosing. It is easy to acquire the habit of being a fusser in our culture, but we must choose to grow out of that habit if we want to influence people to follow Jesus positively.

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