Thinking about the Future

I think a lot about the future. It is a combination of planning and anticipation. The thinking that I do is a major source of energy and joy for me, it simply gets me excited.

I am going to go fishing one day this week. I am going to go fishing at least one day next week. I am going to have three more meetings this week with groups of guys that love Jesus and want to grow, and next week I am going to have seven of those extraordinary meetings. This Sunday is our annual baptism service with over 20 people getting baptized and an enormous pot luck with great food and I am going to walk around and talk to many, many different people, all of whom I love and pray for every week. In ten days I am leaving for Alaska to go fishing for sockeye salmon with a bunch of guys from the church, it is going to be such a fun time. In August I am going to climb Mt Adams, 12,307 feet high. I am going to camp at the 10,000-foot level and have a great time looking out on what looks like the whole world beneath me. In September I am going elk and deer hunting with my bow in the Steens Mts, the most beautiful place in the world. In the first weekend of October I am starting my Leadership classes. I will teach a total of six different classes each week, and I am so excited about the impact I know the classes will have on those attending. At some point in August I am going tuna fishing. I have never been and I am so excited about this new experience. In January I am going to teach a seminar to a bunch of Pastors that will totally change their ministries, I can hardly wait for this to come. There so many other really cool things on the calendar in the next six months.

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