Leadership Class

I teach leadership classes that lasts 8 months. I have Leadership I , II, and III. They start the first weekend of October and end the last weekend of May. In the classes I teach that God uses certain kinds of people to do His work. He isn’t looking for education, or intelligence, or charisma, He is looking for character. The goal of the class is to discover from the Bible what God is looking for and then become that kind of person. When God opens up a door of opportunity to us He supplies everything we need to be successful at what He is calling us to do, it is a no fail opportunity.

This weekend at JBC in the worship services many of those who finished the class are sharing how their life has changed as a result of what they have learned this past eight months. The testimonies are very inspirational and moving, and a testimony of what happens when a person follows the principles of successful living as given in the Bible.

The first requirement is to want to do something with our life that matters and be willing to pay the price of doing something significant with our life. Many people are just to unmotivated to do much that matters, it takes to much work. They choose not to enroll in my class because they will have to read, and memorize, and speak in front of people, and that price is simply to high.

Jesus was constantly talking about the price of following Him, and many chose not to follow because of the price that He outlined to them. In Luke 9 He says, “If you want to serve with Me you must deny yourself and take up your cross daily and follow me.” Many turned away when they heard that. That is still happening today.

1 thought on “Leadership Class

  1. Mrs. Burnham

    I appreciate that the audio is up on the webpage. I have thoroughly enjoyed your teachings and have been implemented them into my own life. I hope to take the class in person next round.



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