Effective Leadership

I teach leadership classes, and part of that is teaching leadership principles that work, they work because they are in the Bible and God made these principles. One principle is don’t boss people around. As soon as you start bossing you are no longer leading, you are bossing, and bossing only works if you have a stick. A boss can fire his employees, he can reduce their pay, he can give them nasty jobs, and he can do a number of other things that are negative in their job setting, he has a stick. Bosses who have learned how to lead instead of boss have happy employees and motivated employees and as a result make much more money in their business than those who have to threaten with a stick to get people to do what they want. So the principle is, don’t boss people around, don’t tell them what to do as in lording it over them. Good leaders learn how to appeal to people’s conscience, not try to conquer their will. There is a big difference in results and their is a big difference in people’s moral. Bosses make rules that people have to follow, leaders cast and create a vision of a better tomorrow, leaders create freedom and bosses create oppression.

President Biden recently said, “the rule is, get vaccinated or wear a mask!” I wonder how many people were motivated by that edict. There is something in people that stirs them up to be the “macho man or woman,” telling people what to do. Just because a person has a position of authority doesn’t make them a leader, more often than not it makes them a tyrant. I do a fair amount of counseling with parents on how to raise and train champions for Jesus. One of the problems that many parents have is that they try and control their kids with rules. As soon as rules are made there follows the enforcement of those rules, and bossing starts, which always produces rebellion. Leaders motivate people to make right and good decisions, bosses demotivate. People enjoy following a positive, encouraging leader, who gives freedom, and casts a powerful vision that they can be part of.

Almost everyone has the potential in their life to influence people around them, friends, family, work associates, and complete strangers. One of the key principles of leadership Jesus gave in Matthew 7:12 “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you.”

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