Dee’s Daily Commitments

(I pray this prayer every morning without fail.)

Today, Lord Jesus, I declare You Lord of my life. I will obey You and do whatever You ask no matter how difficult or hard it might be. I am not boss of my life, You are, You purchased my life with Your blood, and I am Yours.

Today I will read Your Word.

Today I will be devoted to prayer.

Today I will love my wife the way You love the church, and gave Yourself up for her.

Today I will only speak words that edify, build up, and give grace to those who hear.

Today I will forgive anybody of anything, because you have forgiven me of everything.

Today I will not get angry at anybody, not even a little bit irritated.

Today so far as it depends on me I will be at peace with all men.

Today I will take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Today I will love anybody You sovereignty bring into my life, no matter how hard they might be to love.

Today I will lift up my eyes and look for divine appointments from You to influence people to love You and follow You.

Today I will seek you diligently.

Today I will live my life as if it is the last before I stand before You at the judgment Seat of Christ and am held accountable for my life and am rewarded for the deeds I have done in the body, whether good or bad.

Dear Lord, I can’t keep these commitments in my strength, would You please fill me with Your Spirit and give me your strength to keep these commitments today.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Daily Commitments

  1. Gilbert of Corvallis

    Thank you for publishing this Pastor Duke. It’s now part of my ‘wake up’ routine. I’ll share it with others. Gil



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