Blessed by God

Who is blessed by God? I am! Why does God bless me? How many others are blessed by God? What does that mean to be blessed by God? Are there those who have been blessed by God and never realize how much God has blessed them? We say to others, “ God bless you, ” does He bless them because of our words?

I have studied the topic of God’s blessing extensively. I have memorized most of the verses that talk about God’s blessings, and I have read many commentaries on the subject and listened to many good preachers teach on the topic.

One fundamental principle is that God’s blessings are conditional. God doesn’t bless arbitrarily; there is always a reason for His blessings.

A very basic principle is that God has blessed every person in some way, and if we are grateful for what He has done then he will bless us with more, but if we are ungrateful then we will lose blessings from God.

We are living in an era of ungratefulness. Everything is bad, it’s everybody else’s fault, I am a victim, I am underprivileged.

The discipline of gratefulness brings God’s blessings into our life. God loves to bless us, but He doesn’t enjoy blessing those who are ungrateful for what He has already done for them, those who take His blessings for granted, those who are envious of those who are more blessed than they are.

The principle is very simple, look for God’s blessing in your life, and there are many, and thank Him for them, and He will bless you some more.

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