I Am So Tired, part 2

A characteristic that all eight of our kids had was that they got tired after doing most anything for a short time. They were good with practicing the piano for ten minutes, but from that point on to the required thirty minutes, there was a constant, “I’m tired.” Homework was the same way, as was their chores. They weren’t tired, they were just bored, but they couldn’t tell the difference. Being bored is a form of weariness, but it isn’t physical; it is mental. I am the same way, I get bored doing the same thing after a period of time, except for fishing. This afternoon I have been painting my boat. I have to sand the whole thing, then I will do some calking of cracks, and then paint with a light sending between the two coats. It is a big boat and will take about eight hours to complete, and this morning I was sure I could complete all but the second coat of paint today. The problem was that after two hours of the tedious work I got bored. I can push through the feeling of boredom if the job is super important, and I need to get it done, but once boredom sets in, the work isn’t fun any more, and I work slower. I need to get my boat painted in the next week so I can take it fishing, but I have some time. So I did what I usually do when I get bored; I changed jobs; variety is a great energy producer. I looked at my to-do list and picked writing this blog to do next because I could sit down and I could drink a cup of coffee as well. When I get done with this blog I will go back to the boat project with renewed gusto.

Over the years I have figured out the optimum time for almost everything that I do so I plan my day and my to-do list accordingly. I get weary after 15 minutes of praying for the people who attend JBC so I change jobs and come back to my praying later. By adding variety to my day I enjoy myself more and I get more done.

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