Cool Dude

Whenever I write about a mess up that I have done or even a sin I have committed, I get more than expected responses, positive responses; it is almost like people enjoy my mistakes😁. It leads me to conclude that the cool dude, I’ve got my act together, perfect leader type is highly overrated, which is a good thing for me. So why do people seem to enjoy a leader’s mistakes? I don’t think it is merely the fallibility of a leader that warms people’s hearts, but it is how he responds to them to maintain his dignity without being a “holier than thou” person. Everybody messes up, sins, and does foolish things regularly. Because our self-worth and dignity are so important to us, we do everything we can to protect them. Most naturally assume that the way to do that is to cover up, excuse, blame others, ignore, lie, or exaggerate our strengths. We tend to do all of the above subconsciously. As can be seen in the political world, leaders who do that are not respected have few admirers, and they aren’t really leaders at all. One of the lessons I have learned is that my mess-ups are usually funny if I don’t take myself too seriously and don’t go through the list of methods to protect myself and my supposed reputation. I don’t enjoy seeing someone blow it or fail at something, but I do enjoy seeing someone blow it big time when he comes out the other side unscathed, with maybe even a more positive image than before. The key for me is to find every sin, even the little itty bitty ones, and character flaws that are in me, hand them all over to God and thank Him for dying for me and paying the penalty for those sins.

2 thoughts on “Cool Dude

  1. Tom Zilverberg

    Dee, from my point of view when I hear a pastor or leader talk about a mistake he has made or that he struggles with a sin, I identify with him better. I have a sense that he understands my shortcomings and struggles. I’m more apt to follow and be influenced by him.



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