Bad Night

I watched a little bit of an NBA basketball game tonight when I got home from our Wednesday night service. Seth Curry who usually plays well and scores a lot of points had a bad night according to the person doing the commentary on the game. I wonder what causes a bad night in basketball. You know, when you shoot just like you always do, except it doesn’t go in. And then again what causes a good night where it seems everything you throw into air goes in. If I could discover the answer to that question and if I could figure out how to control it I would be a multi-billionaire.

What about people like myself who have regular jobs and relationships, and have a day that is a bummer, nothing goes right, nothing goes as planned. Why is that? I would say that it is a mystery. Only God knows and He isn’t telling. In the meantime it is so important for me to act according to principle not feelings. To be a faithful man who does what he is supposed to do, and not to be tricked into some stupid decision.

2 thoughts on “Bad Night

  1. Matt Borg

    From a statistics perspective, life is very much a random process, characterized by a complex web of interdependencies and seemingly random external stimulus that create an unpredictable and, from our perspective, chaotic result. The events that make up our lives can be thought of as fitting into a bell curve (a normal distribution for geeks). The undesirable and negative events, both inside and outside our control, stretch out on the left side of the bell, the desirable and positive events stretch out on the right side, and normal every-day life falls in the middle, with average life being the peak of the curve. In the moment, the far left or the far right side can seem to dominate life, but over time the highs and lows to some extent cancel and are ultimately swamped out by the slow march of the average. Where we end up is determined by the the everyday events that we repeat over and over, essentially our habits and character. I teach my students, if you want to end up in a different place don’t worry about the highs and lows, work on shifting the average.



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