So Much to Do

There are so many people who need help that I could help. There are so many ministry opportunities that I could start or do that would have amazing results. There are so many opportunities to go fishing. There are so many car projects and home projects that I would love to do. I need to ride my stationary bike every day for an hour and lift weights to keep my Parkinson’s under control. I really need to start running again. I have so many really good goals that I haven’t started yet.

I read my goals everyday and write a daily todo list to put pressure on myself to work smart and fast all day long, but even still there are so many things that I don’t get done.

I have a goal of getting about 80% on my todo list done everyday. If I get less done I shorten the list and if I get everything crossed off my list I make it longer. When I write the list for the day I have to choose what is on the list and what gets left off. It is a daily choosing priorities and the amount of pressure I want on me so that I make those most of my time,

I only have one thing on my todo list tomorrow besides my daily disciples and that is to pray in the ‘upper room” for ten hours.

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