I Like Me

There are some interesting balancing acts that I work at maintaining in my own life. I want very much to “walk humbly with my God”, and not become proud or arrogant, and I also want to accurately assess what I am good at and where I am strong. I want to press on and grow in my character so I need to acknowledge my weak areas and where I consistently fail, but I don’t want to make myself feel like a loser so that I give up. I want to do more, accomplish more, bear more fruit, and I am always disappointed with what I actually accomplished in any given week, or month, or even year. I am always way below what I set as goals in almost every area of my life. I want to have huge dreams and desires, but on the other hand I don’t want my goals to bury me and become an anchor around my neck. So many guys my age (72) have lost their passion and desire to accomplish something great with their life and they are unmotivated because they are realistic about their abilities and energy level at this stage in their life.

The key for me is to work really hard at being faithful and consistent in my Bible time and prayer life. A person can’t walk humbly with their God if they don’t walk with Him much at all. Spend time with God, seek God, draw near to God, work at pleasing Him, listen to my thoughts and discern those that are from God. The closer I am to God the easier it is for me to feel good about who I am without being prideful. The closer I am to God the more outlandish my goals can be without making me feel like a total loser.

I like me. I like who I am. I feel good about what I have accomplished with my life. But at the same time I am very much disappointed with who I am and want to become so much more, I am so discontent with my present level of accomplishment and dream of so much more in the days ahead.

It is a tricky balancing act but worth working to achieve.

A major secret to my success in this area of life is my devotion to prayer, especially corporate prayer, praying with others. It is supernaturally powerful to keep me balanced as I fail, fall, sin, and mess up, but at the same time dream really big dreams, and live inside of my own skin comfortably.

Monday through Friday is one of JBC’s “Five Days of Prayer” events. 5 to 10 am and pm. I look forward to praying with you.

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