Last Day in Hawaii

It has been a good week in Hawaii visiting with Sally, Aaron and their three wonderful kids, but tomorrow we head back home. Life, as God has made it, is so interesting, as we think about the fact that not that many years ago we were where Sally and Aaron are today, raising a family. It is totally consuming, the desire to raise those kids well, and then they are gone doing what you once did.

At a point in our life, not that long ago, all eight were home, going to school, learning, growing, acquiring character, dating, learning to drive, and then in a blink of an eye they are all gone, and then you are done, you either did it well or you didn’t, and not much you can do about it now.

When the kids were all home we were consumed with them, our life revolved around them, we were always thinking about what we could do better, how we could train, motivate, teach, discipline so that they would turn out to be champions for Jesus. Now we are done, and they all are doing the same thing. Please help them Lord, give them wisdom, give them desire, a strong desire to do well, deliver every one of our grandkids from the evil one, please protect them Lord.

My, oh my, life is so consequential, so important, so final, you only get one chance to do it right.

1 thought on “Last Day in Hawaii

  1. mountainman2013

    It is important, very important that we raise our children to honor God and be the best they can be in life, to to the best at what they are given. Unfortunately, I was not very successful at raising my three boys to honor God, I thought I did, but evidently was I did not. I must have been consumed with the appearance of being a good christian man, because none of the three boys walks with our God. I worked very hard when I was younger and with all that I expended in the lives of these young men, I was sure that they would be mighty men of God. We lost our middle son this last Thanksgiving in a plane crash with no hope of him returning to the Lord.
    All our sons are hard workers and generous, but that won’t get you into heaven.
    Yes, life is final.
    I wish I had the resources that are available at Jefferson Baptist Church when I raising my kids, things would be different today.
    I pray every morning for my family, for the remaining two sons, and all our grandchildren.



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