My Life

We had a “New Comers Dinner” at the church last Friday. At these dinners I share the history of the last 45 years of JBC and show videos and pictures corresponding to that history. It is a great way for people who have recently made JBC their church home to see how we got to where we are today. It has been over a year since the last dinner, and I forget how amazing the history of our church really is. As I was watching the video clip of setting the trusses on our sanctuary which happened over 20 years ago I got so overwhelmed with emotion, I was glad that I wasn’t speaking during the video. God has been so wonderful and gracious to our church over the years, and I have been so blessed to be a part of what He has done. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and have had a wonderful ride. There have been a number of key people that God has worked through to bring about what our church is today. Some of them have been part of our Body for most, if not all of our history, others for the last 20 years and some even for the last five years. They all have had the same common characteristics of loving Jesus and His Church, of having a wonderful servants heart, of being incredibly faithful, and being willing to make huge sacrifices for the health and growth of our church over the years. I am in the twilight years of my ministry and leadership at JBC and I am looking forward to seeing what He is going to do in the next couple of years as He continues to build His church.

3 thoughts on “My Life

  1. Wallace Jennings

    The history of JBC is a story worth retelling in detail. The buildings were built on providence and in God walking with families both by their own faithfulness and perseverance is a testament to God’s amazing grace. The worth ethic and strenuous labor is a page out of the frontier or a time long past. I couldn’t imagine a place being built in this day in the valley with such tenacity. As a millennial who grew up in a small island, this story resonated with me so profoundly. It overwhelmingly humbled by being with a thankful and humble heart at my own life.
    God walks with His people because he is a Good Father, many shutter and shrink back at the suffering and hard work in the growth that happens in being in step with what God wants to do. I often have felt defeated when I have realized where I have wandered far from His providence. God’s grace is far reaching and I have lived in His grace. I too look forward to what God will do at JBC and I am pondering the implications of that revelation. What suffering and sacrifice awaits and the great glory God will have in obedience to His providence. I am thankful God is a Father who walks with us. I take courage in that realization for the many days ahead.


  2. Sharon Katsof Jones

    Raising the trusses was a significant day for all of us at JBC. The Spirit of the Lord was present that day in a special way and the service we held that weekend was a joyful experience. JJ and I hold you and our JBC family in our hearts and prayers to this day and continue to “live each day as if it were our last!” God bless Pastor Dee 🤗



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