88 goals for 2036 – Ministry

Jefferson Baptist Church has been my life for 44 years and I am writing these long range goals for the next 16 years which will make 60 years of Pastoring at JBC. For the last 44 years my job description has not changed much. I have done some adjusting as the numbers of people attending has increased and the number of staff has increased, but it has basically been the same emphasis. I have been the preacher of the Word, the vision caster, the main goal setter, the leader of the staff, the leader of the church, the senior Pastor, the spiritual Dad. I am now wanting to make some significant changes in what I do for two basic reasons; the first is because my energy level physically and my passion emotionally are beginning to decline gradually but noticeably. I am working at being faithful in stewarding my mind and body, but it is inevitable that I won’t be able to duplicate or keep up what I was able to do in years past. I want to keep doing ministry, but with some changes that will be easier to maintain quality performance in. The second reason is because I want the transition from my leadership of JBC to Pastor Mike Dedera’s leadership to be gradual and heathy. By healthy I mean that the church doesn’t suffer from disunity or lack of growth, or that I don’t feel depressed by moving to a bench player role after being the coach for all these years, or that Mike doesn’t feel frustrated by the slowness of the transition. My preference is that things go slow, but I recognize that I am getting to the age where health issues of heart, or cancer, or a dozen other faulty body parts would require me to quit all together or that I would just fall over dead, and I want things to be far enough along so everything will go super smooth as Mike is handed the entire responsibility of being the senior Pastor. All that to say that I need a plan and goals so that things happen when they are supposed to happen, and we don’t end up treading water and floundering in this process. JBC is a great church and it has potential to be even greater in the days ahead if I don’t mess things up.

2 thoughts on “88 goals for 2036 – Ministry

  1. Cynthia Kaiser

    Change is sometimes very difficult. It’s how we grow like it or not. I have to believe that God has bigger grander plans for your services. You’re our teacher, mentor, and pastor. I really don’t care if there is a Senior in front of Pastor or not.



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