I have made up my mind, I am going to write my long range goals to the year 2036, 16 years from now when I will be 88 years old. I think I will write 88 goals that I will aim to accomplish by the time I celebrate my 88th birthday. Many of the goals that I write will be much more of a purpose statement in that they will establish a priority and emphasis of my life more than a specific accomplishment. By reading my long range goals every week minimum I will stay focused on what my priorities are for my life.

I will get all 88 long range goals clearly written down by April 1st, 2021. That is 88 days into the new year, plus a couple of extra days to be sure I get it done. I will pray everyday during this time and ask God for wisdom so that I can think clearly on what my priorities should be for the rest of my life. I will also ask for wisdom so that I will be able to express in writing what the desires of my heart are. I will pray and ask God to guide me into His perfect plan for my life, and that I will be able to discern exactly what He has planned for me to do with my life for Him.

I know that a key way that God guides and directs my life is by putting His will in me, and that I can identify what that will is by the desires that I have, the dreams, and often obsessions that pop into my head and heart. The most important tool for me to use in discerning what is driving me is writing. The more time I spend writing down my thoughts, dreams, ideas, and desires the clearer His voice becomes in my heart. I imagine the writing that I do is like panning for gold. The gold panning process separates a lot of worthless dirt from the very valuable gold. Gold panning is very tedious and back breaking work, but the results when done right is a huge monetary reward.

When I get this all done I will have a manuscript of the priorities of the rest of my life. I will have a portrait of myself done with words, not paint. I will have the mental fuel that will motivate me to work hard and press on for the prize at the end of the race. This manuscript will keep me from slowing down and getting lazy and casual at the end of my life.

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