First Day of 10 hours of Prayer

Today started our Five Days of Prayer. We have prayer for 10 hours each day Monday through Friday, praying from 5 to 10 o’clock, morning and night. The first day is done, and I soon will be asleep getting ready for the tomorrow.

Today was an awesome experience of praying with others in our church family. The fellowship between people who are praying together is amazing. There isn’t much that has the power to bind people together as praying together does.

Most of the time that I am sitting in the prayer room with others I am writing in my yellow legal pad. I write a summary statement of the prayers of those who pray out loud. I write my own prayers that I often will pray when I pray out loud. And I am also listening to what is going on in my head as I also listen to the prayers being lifted up by others one after the other for hours. I write down any thought that I think might be from God as He would steer me to pray for what He really wants to do through us. I listen best when I am taking notes of what I hear. I don’t think there is an environment that results in more thoughts of mine that I am sure are from God, then during a corporate prayer time. It is a great training time for me to learn to listen to God and to get better at discerning which of the zillion thoughts going on in my head is from God.

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