The Most Powerful Christian Discipline

Systematically memorizing Bible verses and meditating on them is the most powerful of Spiritual disciplines.

Let me explain that statement a word at a time.

Discipline: Our flesh hates to memorize the Bible, the devil for sure doesn’t want us to do that which would totally handcuff him from working in our life, and the world’s opinion of the Bible is half a step below Estops Fables. Besides that it takes major effort and concentration to memorize anything, let alone the Bible. Very few Christians memorize a verse a week and review them so as not to lose any that they have already memorized. Those who do memorize at least one verse every week have to exert great discipline to make it happen.

Powerful: During our lifetime what we want is to grow in our character to be as much like Jesus as is possible so when we get to heaven we will be like Him, and be able to enjoy Him and He us for all eternity because we are alike. Nothing facilitates growth in our character and spirit as much as meditating on memorized scripture, nothing.

Systematically: What helps us successfully accomplish something as difficult as memorizing the Bible is to have a plan and a system that we stick to until it becomes a habit. Start with a goal such as memorizing 50 verses for the year, and to review them regularly so that they are never forgotten. There are several lists of the most important 100 verses to memorize or the most important 500 verses or even the most important 1000 verses. A 20 year goal of memorizing 1000 key verses in the Bible and review each one at least monthly is a totally achievable goal that would transform anybodies life.

I presently have 600 verses memorized, and I review 100 of those verses each day so that I get all 600 reviewed each week. It takes me about 30 minutes each day to do that. In terms of results, that is about the most profitable 30 minutes of my day. I am convinced that the character and spiritual growth is tremendously impacted, but also the strength of my mind is also greatly enhanced. As I get older I want my mind to stay sharp and strong, and exercising it the way I do each day for 30 minutes I am sure does more for my mind than my 60 minutes on my stationary bike does for my physical body.

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