Prayer for Everybody

I have the coolest prayer app on my Ipad. It is called PrayerMate, a guy in England designed it, and it is free. I send him suggestions periodically on how to make it better, and he always responds positively and often implements it into the program. One of my favorite things about the prayer app is I can have multiple lists. I have a list for regular attenders at JBC, a list for my family, a list for missionaries, a list of people that I know that aren’t yet saved, a list of people who are part of JBC’s family but have missed church for 2 months, a list of recent visitors to JBC, a list of staff and Elders, and a list of all those who are in my ”Leadership Classes.” That is seven different lists so it is a simple thing to organize them so that I pray for one each day of the week. The list of regular attenders at our church is by far the longest so I schedule it for Sunday afternoon when I usually have the most time to devote to prayer.

A second feature that I love is unlimited capacity for notes that I can write as I pray for each person, and read from previous prayer times. I often cut and paste prayer requests from the weekly church prayer letter into this place as well. Nothing helps keep me awake and alert when I am praying like reading and writing does.

A third feature is I can cut and paste pictures that I have taken of them and also pictures that I cut and paste from Facebook. In the gospel of John, Jesus calls Himself the good shepherd, and that He knows those who belong to Him by name. Having pictures really helps me remember every person in our church by name.

As one of the Pastors at JBC I believe God has given me extra authority with Him for those in our church. In John 17, Jesus says that He doesn’t pray for the world, but for those whom the Father has given to Him, speaking of His disciples. God is all powerful and can do anything in the life of anybody, but He has set up rules, in this world and in life, and one of them is that He has dramatically limited what He will do in a person’s life until someone prays for them. I truly believe that I have the most influence and impact on those in our church through the power of prayer. The great thing about this app is that it is a great tool to help me to be faithful to this discipline of praying for every person who is part of the JBC family.

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