The Election

I am sitting in my recliner reading my Bible, praying, writing this blog, and checking the election stats. I am rotating between them because I am nervous about the election and variety always seems to help when I get nervous about anything. I am praying diligently for President Trump to win reelection, then I check the stats, then I read a little bit, and then I write on this for awhile until I can’t focus on what I am writing then I go pray some more. Oh yeh, one other thing that I like to do when I am nervous and that is to eat. Sherrie fried up a bunch of chicken, all drumsticks with yummie barbecue sauce on it. Also there is a bunch of prawns to eat, and I am thinking seriously of making a big batch of popcorn with lots of butter on it. I hope this thing doesn’t drag out the whole night or I will probably be sick tomorrow and too sleepy to do much work. Oh bummer, it looks like it is.

I have been praying very hard for this election not that I think that President Trump is wonderful, but because the Democratic Party is so in favor of murdering unborn babies, so anti-Christianity, so prone to control my life like I am a slave, and a dozen other things that I feel strongly about.

One of the things that I teach in my prophecy class is that the devil is going to have more and more control of government around the world including ours until it culminates in a one-world government led by the antichrist. It will happen, you can read all about it in the Bible, so it might as well happen in my life time instead of me hoping things will be nice and comfortable until I die.

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