Birthday Goals

I write yearly goals for my life, and I write one for every year old that I am, so this year I have 72 goals. I start reading my goals every day on my birthday, so I just finished with my second reading of my new goals. As I read each one I think about it for a minute in regards to how I am going to accomplish it. Some of them are ongoing, so I never really accomplish them until the end of the year. An example is reading my Bible every day, or praying with Patty 3 times a week, or reading 80 pages a week in a good book. Some are fun and won’t take much work to accomplish other than making the time for them, like fishing in the Colombia for Salmon 3 times. Several are BHAG’s, Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and they will take a huge amount of planning, preparation, and work.

One of my BHAG’s is to start a satellite church. A satellite church uses a video presentation for the preaching and possibly for worship as well. This saves from having to find someone to be the Pastor and worship leader. I just need to find someone to do the administration and to lead the services. We have video recorded a bunch of my sermons so I have a good source of sermons to use for this new church. I need to find a place to start it, recruit some core people, advertise a bunch, and then find the time. Once I successfully start one I should be able to do a bunch more. The goal would include finding a Pastor and staff after the church grows to the point that offering income would support them.

Another BHAG of another sort is climbing Mt Adams. I have attempted and failed to summit the last five times I have tried to climb it, so I am determined to make it this year. I plan to camp on the Mountain for two nights and take three days to climb it and make the descent. I will do a bunch of running this year to get in shape for the climb. I am pretty sure I can do it.

Goals add a great deal of focus to my life. I know what my goals are, and I don’t fool around with anything else. I can’t imagine trying to live my lifec successfully without the power of goals.

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