Most Important Discipline of them All

I have written on this topic numerous times, but it is so important and so easily forgotten and dropped that I have a goal of bringing it up at least every 6 months.

The most important discipline is the first thing in the morning prayer of commitment. If I faithfully do this one, then all the others fall into line. The prayer needs to be relatively short, memorized, and prayed each and every morning. My prayer looks like this;

Dear Lord,

Today I present myself to You as Your servant, You are Lord and King of my life, today I will obey You and do Your will no matter how difficult or hard it might be. Today I will read Your Word, and I will memorize and meditate on your Word, that is the key to my growth, my power, and my accomplishments. Today I will be devoted to prayer, I will pray systematically, according to my my commitments, and continuously. Today I will love Patty the way You love the Church. Today I will take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Today I will only speak words that give grace to those who hear.Today I will love any person You sovereignly bring into my life no matter how difficult they might be to love. Today I will not get angry, not even a little bit irritated at anybody no matter what they do, I will forgive them quickly. Today I will do my part to build Your church at JBC and around the world. Today I will look for open windows, divine appointments, provided by the Lord to be a witness. Lord Jesus, I can’t keep these commitments in my strength, please fill me with Your Spirit today and grant me the power to keep these commitments and to glorify Your name.


1 thought on “Most Important Discipline of them All

  1. Tim Edgren

    I read the title of this blog, and said to myself, “Of course, it is Prayer. I don’t have to read any further.” But then I see you are getting tricksy — the daily commitment is a particular KIND of prayer.

    My wife and I recently resumed our practice of making a daily commitment (patterned after yours, but with a few individual tweaks, since my wife’s name isn’t Patty) and it has been a blessing to us. What a great way to start the day! Thank you for your reminder and faithful teaching about this.



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