51 years Married to the Same Woman

Today was Patty and Dee’s 51st Wedding Anniversary. That is a lot of years of events, accomplishments, and criseses. Through all the up’s and down’s over the years we have always been one. That is a claim that not many can make, we have always been one. The essence of love is unity; there is no love without unity. Unity requires sacrifice for the other person, it requires giving in and compromise. Oneness requires patient conversation and listening. Unity and oneness requires humility in letting the other person be right this time. Unity, for sure requires a lot of forgiveness, not ordinary forgiveness that takes a while to work up to, but extraordinary forgiveness that chooses to forgive immediately, every time there is a cross word or a rude comment, it is immediately forgotten and overlooked. That isn’t easy to do, but we have for 51 years. Patty and I are very different in every way. Often differences create division and strife, but our differences have created an interplay of mutual care and cooperation of strengths being amplified and weaknesses being compensated for so that together we are so much more effective and efficient in living life, doing ministry, and raising our family. Unity and oneness requires a mutual submission and authority that works seamlessly without votes or fights to arrive at decisions that are good and wise. True unity and oneness like that of God the Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is supernatural, it just is. From my perspective, Patty is 99% the reason our marriage is so good, and many of you agree with me, but Patty believes that I am 99% the reason our marriage is so good, wow, now that makes me feel appreciated and honored. A unified marriage creates an environment of security, peace, joy, self-worth, acceptance, and honor that both partners thrive and grow in. As good as it has been next year is going to be so much better.

3 thoughts on “51 years Married to the Same Woman

  1. Gilbert of Corvallis

    Congratulations Dee and Patty. We’re one year behind you guys and with the same attitude. I give the bulk of the credit to Sharyn. Amen



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