Roscoe’s first Day

Roscoe’s first day at the Duke house has been successful. All the grandkids love him, and he has managed well all of the hugs, being hauled around by all the different kids, drug around by his leash, and already being taught a host of ”tricks.”

One of my Pastor friends saw the first picture of him and said, ”whoooeeeeee the Fishman, hunter, mountain climbing Dee Duke has got himself a ”chick dog”! So I was encouraged when Roscoe got to fighting with Sam’s family’s dog who is much bigger than Roscoe, and when I came into our room tonight he growled me at me. I am hoping that the Jack Russel temperament comes out stronger than the poodle. The goal of those who came up with this cross of a Jack Russel Terrier and a Poodle was to have the best of both breeds in temperament. I would say it like this, ”Tough but Nice.”

That is interesting, because I think that is Jesus’s goal for us, ”tough but nice.” Tough in that we manage the pressures of life well, we carry responsibility faithfully, we don’t get anxious or uptight about COVID or anything else life brings us, we don’t grumble or complain about anything but rejoice always, and we never quit.

Nice in that we always speak words of grace to everyone no matter how grumpy or rude they might be to us, we forgive anybody of anything quickly because Jesus has forgiven us, we look for opportunities to help people and meet needs in their life even if we don’t like them, and we never gossip or slander anyone, not even Kate Brown.

I am pretty sure I got me a good dog, ”tough but nice.”

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