Hit by a car on my bicycle

I thought the title would grab your attention. I am home sitting in my recliner having finished our 1,000 mile 13 day trip today with a 60 mile ride from Idanah. The only mishap was riding into a blackberry bush hanging out over the road and scratching my face pretty good. Blood all over my face when I got home. So many people expressed concern for me on the trip when they heard that we were riding a bicycle 70 miles a day average. Last year there were approximately 1,200 people killed while riding a bicycle and 500,000 who were seriously injured, most from being hit by a car. Those who ride a bicycle over a 1000 miles a year on public roads as I have for the last 8 years, statistically have a much greater chance of being hit than those who ride occasionally for recreation.

Doing some rough math, it looks like I was 3x more apt to get hit by a car this last 13 days of bicycle riding than I am of getting COVID 19. I didn’t think twice about going on our trip and I worried about it zero while on the trip. If I read the statistics every day for a month before going, watched video’s of people getting hit by cars, and being scraped up off the road by ambulance workers I probably wouldn’t ride my bike from my house to the church, but why would I do that?

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