Bicycle Trip 2020 Day 5

Today I set a personal best for speed on my bicycle. We climbed this humongous hill just South of Gold Beach and the rule is what goes up must come down so the humongous up hill resulted in a humongous down hill, steep, long, fairly straight, and smooth. While flying down the hill I knew I was going fast but I didn’t take my eyes off of the rode even for a second to look down at my speedometer. When we got into camp I looked at my little bike computer on my handle bars and scrolled through the information until I got to the category of “fastest speed for the day”, and right behind it was 50.4 mph! Whoooooeeeeeee! That beat my old record of 42 mph by over 8 mph, I was flying. We rode a total of 70 miles today and we are scheduled to do the same tomorrow with about the same amount of hill climbing. Tomorrow we end our coast riding and head Northeast towards Crater Lake. Today was a pretty good day, all the muscle pain in my legs is gone, my feet didn’t hurt, my neck didn’t hurt, just my butt is hurting, but I bought this stuff at a pharmacy that is a local pain reliever, and it worked pretty good, so life is good😀!

Someone in our group said that today was “heavenly”, and I responded that I hoped heaven was going to be way better than this! This campground that we are in tonight doesn’t have a shower so this will be a handi-wipe night. They actually work pretty good if you have enough and I have a big package! Well, I better go take my “shower”, set up my tent, and fix dinner.

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