Rogue River White Water Rafting vs Memorial Day

I am leaving in the morning with a group from our church who are going to raft down the wild and scenic section of the Rogue River. I bought a 15 foot raft several months ago but have not yet had it in the water so this will be our maiden voyage together. I have been watching a bunch of You Tube videos each night while riding my stationary bike, of people going over Rainey Falls and other rapids on the Rogue, many who flip, and have gotten myself into an adrenaline frenzy and we haven’t even left yet! I thoroughly enjoy an exciting adventure, and I am really looking forward to this trip. This trip isn’t near what the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is going to be, that this same group is doing in August, but this one will be a nice warmup.

I won’t have any cell reception on the river so this will be my last blog until Friday night. I plan on having some cool pictures and exciting stories to blog about.

This is Memorial Day and I watched some videos of U.S. soldiers riding in a landing craft heading to Omaha beach in the Normandy invasion with artillery shells blowing up all around them. As I watched I wondered what they were thinking and feeling. What the probability of dying in a few minutes prompted them to picture in their head, and how they managed the fear they were feeling so that they were able to courageously charge off the boat in the teeth of continuous machine gun fire.

My Dad was in many sea battles during World War II, with torpedo planes, kamikaze planes, and bombers all around the ships he was on, trying to sink them. He had 4 different ships sunk under him during the war. I wonder how my adrenaline rush going through a class IV rapids will compare with what my Dad experienced when he felt the shudder of the aircraft carrier he was on when it had just been hit by a torpedo.

1 thought on “Rogue River White Water Rafting vs Memorial Day

  1. Sam Warner

    “Be still and know” comes to mind in response to your post.
    I love the way we can never fully grasp the majesty and holiness of God, although it’s worthwhile to try.
    Your pause to reflect on history and sacrifice, is noble and enrichening to value and life.
    Your share adds value to my life, so thanks!
    Happy trails and safe rafting.



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