Dangerous, dumb and weak

“Dangerous, dumb and weak,” is what was written by O’Rourke, a former Texas Congressman in response to the Governor of Texas opening up the State. That is what we at Jefferson Baptist Church do not want to do. I have some definite, and strong opinions about this whole coronavirus shut down thing, and many of you have opinions just as strong as mine in the opposite direction. I will not call your opinions “dangerous, dumb, and weak, because it would be rude and very unloving. Pastor Mike, the Elders, the rest of the staff and I are working hard at maintaining unity as we navigate through the next month as we open up JBC to meeting as a church family again with inspiring worship, motivational preaching, and Biblical fellowship. If we did it my way we would never have shut down in the first place, we would have kept meeting, worshiping, and teaching like we always did, and probably made the news, but that would have been an adventure with lots of blog material! But one of the character traits that God loves and blesses is deference, which is limiting my opinions, personal rights, and beliefs in order to not offend others and maintain unity and peace. It is impossible to do that all the time for sure, but I can certainly make the effort. If I make the effort, it would be cool if you would do the same. If we move too fast for you, you have the option of staying home and watching our services on your computer. If you do that, I won’t roll my eyes, shake my head, and imply in any way that you are dangerous, dumb or weak. If we do move faster than you would if you were leading, it will be great if you would make your personal choices that you are comfortable with, but not imply in any way that we are reckless and dumb. Through these days we want to do God’s will, glorify Him, and love one another. God blesses unity much more than methods. Those of you who have views like mine are not motivated by safety and health for yourself or others, or by the conviction that you need to be submissive to the governing authorities, you are motivated by the desire for justice. You feel strongly that the Constitution is being violated and that the Biblical mandate to gather as a church is being infringed upon. Your battle cry is that of Peter in Acts 4:19 when he was ordered by the authorities to stop preaching, “But Peter and John answered and said to them, ‘Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than to God, you be the judge’ “. You are like a race horse behind one of those starting gates, bucking and chafing against the restraints, wanting to run free. You will probably feel like we are being too slow and be tempted to accuse us of being wimpy leaders. Deference will be more patience, self control, and trusting in God’s sovereignty than anything else. It is saying to yourself, “I will give this thing a little more time trusting God to work, and in the meantime I won’t grumble, complain, or call Governor Brown Dangerous, dumb, or weak”, though I personally would like to. I will choose to do this because I value unity and the relationships that I have with you all, that I don’t want damaged.

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