Definition of Hard

Why would someone call a certain activity hard or a day hard, what makes something hard? We don’t like certain things in life and when they happen then all of a sudden hard comes to mind.

We don’t like unexpected change, so when change happens it is hard. One of the issues with my Parkinson’s is when I stay in one position for very long my muscles get rigid and then when I move it hurts. It is a major problem at night because when I move the pain wakes me up. I have semi solved the problem by moving and changing positions often so I don’t get froze up. I have even trained myself to role over, stretch my legs, or my arms while I am sleeping and I am able to stay asleep for longer periods of time. Same thing during the day, I get up walk around, ride my stationary bike, and then go back to writing or reading. I change positions so much now that I rarely experience the “broke the froze” as I call it.

For most of us “regular routine” is comfortable and when something comes along and messes with our routine it irritates us and life becomes hard. We like to predict with relative accuracy what tomorrow is going to be like, and when something comes along and messes with our security in knowing what the future will be like life becomes hard.

So we need to change our programming by our self talk. Variety is good, change is awesome, the challenge of finding new ways of doing things is fun, predictability is boring, comfort is for wimps. Try and come up with at least one new slogan that you will program your thinking with every day. Most won’t take the effort to think creatively to do that, it is easier to just stay in the rut, but those who want to grow, excel, and accomplish much will.

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