These times Can Make us Sin

We all have a natural tendency toward certain sinful behavior. The times that we are presently living in increases dramatically those natural tendencies. One of the strongest is to be mentally critical and judgmental of the people that are around us, and then to move up to the next level of sin and verbally share our critical thoughts with others, slandering and gossiping about them. Our culture has become one of constant verbal wars between everybody. We all know it is wrong, but with hardly a twinge of guilt we make no effort to corral the steady stream of critical thinking that tales place in our minds. With unchecked thinking, our mouth will soon follow the lead of our mind. The verbal sharing of negative and demeaning information to another person about a third person has tons of negative consequences in our own lives. A major one is that the more we attack another person the more our own sense of worth and value goes down, which is interesting because our motive in reducing another person’s worth is to increase our own, but just the opposite actually happens. Another very serious consequence is that our ability to influence those around us towards a saving faith in Christ is reduced to the point of zero. Our greatest honor and privilege in life to be ambassadors for the Jesus, the infinite King of the universe, and that honor is destroyed by our own mouth. Negative and critical thinking and then slander and gossip is like complaining, it is so easy to do and it becomes a habit that is very hard to break, but we need to overcome this very bad habit.

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