Coronavirus II

One of my personal and leadership principles is, “Live life intentionally”. That means that I plan my life in advance as much as possible without going overboard, and fretting about what I can’t control. I budget my time by using “to do lists”, establish priorities by using goals, and I premeditate attitudes and words on the basis of upcoming events and situations that I probably will be in. So I have established some personal guidelines for my actions and words in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis that we are in. I express these guidelines as commitments in the form of “I will” statements each morning.

1. I will not be anxious, fret, worry, or get stressed out about the possibility of being infected, getting sick or dying. If I find myself moving in that direction even a little bit I will pray asking God for His peace, joy, and strength. I will trust God totally, I am, after all, anxious to go to heaven, get my new body, and be done with this life.

2. I will act and talk like a person who has great faith, great peace, great joy, and great hope. I will be strong, I will not be a wimp.

3. I will not talk negatively about the situation in any way. I will not speak critically about our leaders and those who are making decisions on controlling the virus. I will faithfully pray for their wisdom.

4. I will take advantage of any situation with any person that I am with who is expressing any concern or anxiety about the virus, to talk to them about trusting in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior so that they can live in heaven forever with a new body.

5. I will take advantage of any situation I am in with JBC family to encourage, teach, and lead so that they will move and grow towards strength and being a bright light and an effective witness for Jesus.

6. I will enjoy the challenge of solving new problems and the challenge of being a strong and influential leader in the midst of confusion, chaos, and crisis.

7. I will take every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ, and will not allow myself to think weary thoughts, self-pity thoughts, selfish thoughts, anxious thoughts, or critical thoughts. I will rejoice always.

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