The Most Powerful of the Disciplines 3

God knows what I am thinking, he is the only one who does besides myself.

Matthew 9:4 And Jesus knowing their thoughts said, “Why are you thinking evil in your hearts?

I have identified several areas of wrong thinking which if not conquered will lead to acting or behaving the way I think.

-Immoral thinking is bad, and Jesus said that mentally lusting after a woman not my wife was as bad as actually committing the act.

-Angry thinking which I used to do a lot of, is where I think about an offense done to me over and over and me getting more uptight about it on each cycle of thinking.

-Self pity thinking is when I think about a bad situation I am in over and over again until I start whining and complaining about my predicament to anybody who will listen and feel sorry for me.

-Bitter thinking is very similar to angry thinking, I meditate about a wrong done to me until it becomes such a big deal in my head that don’t even want to talk to the person who was the perpetrator.

-Judgmental, and critical thinking is when I think very negatively about a person’s performance, accomplishments, appearance, and behavior.

-prideful thinking is when I compete with people in my head and always come out the winner.

-Covetous and discontent thinking is when I mentally complain to myself that I need more money and stuff, and better and nicer stuff.

Leaving any of those thoughts in my mind unchecked will make me a bitter, sad, miserable, grouchy, and unproductive person. The way I conquer any of those thought patterns is by memorizing key passages from the Bible that correspond to each of the negative thought patterns and choosing to set my mind on those verses when I have a wrong thought. An example is when I have an immoral thought I quickly start thinking about 2 Timothy 2:20 where Paul tells Timothy, “If a man cleansed himself from sexual immorality he will be useful to God for every good work”, that is what I want more than anything. Replacing wrong, selfish, worldly, and demonic thinking with Bible verses that I have memorized is a very powerful way to control my thinking.

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