Simplify your life

“I don’t have time” is a comment that many make. Dads often don’t have time to spend with their kids, husbands don’t have time to take their wives on a date, Christians don’t have time to serve in a ministry, people don’t have time to help their neighbors with a need, and on the list goes. The reason many don’t have time for really good things is because they have filled their life up with stuff that has little real value. It is the nature of our world to convince us that we need things that we don’t really need. The goal of advertising is to convince us that we can’t possibly be happy without this newest gadget. Everything we own, owns us, it requires fixing, greasing, cleaning, adjusting, and protecting. We have to work a little more overtime to pay for it, and to put gas in it. A simple life has so much more free time, so much less to worry about, and a “to do” list with activities that make a difference. Simplifying our life is a constant activity and battle. It takes several garage sales a year, and at least one 10 yard dumpster a year, every year to keep the junk cleared out of our life. An annual commitment of, “I will simplify my life” is good, but an every month commitment is better, and an every week commitment, ” I will simplify my life” made seriously will begin to make some difference. Once the brakes are put on to the mindless pursuit of more some progress can be made in the incredibly hard pursuit of less. One line that works wonders for me is, “joy comes from spending quality time with family and friends, not in owning stuff. The more stuff I own the less time I will have for what matters”.

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