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I hate it when this happens, I can’t think another thing to write and it is midnight and it won’t be long now before the curse takes over and I am brain dead, then I won’t be able to write for sure. But I could switch everything over to auto pilot and default settings. What that really means is I could go back 2 years, pick a blog at random, read it to make sure I wasn’t brain dead when I wrote that one and hit “republish”. Awe, I hate to do that, I know how I am , I do that once and then a second time and then that is all that I am doing, repeat, repeat, repeat. The problem is that I have been writing for hours at a time getting ready for this seminar that JBC is putting on Monday and Tuesday. I will be teaching for about 10 hours and I need to have the notes done to put in the syllabus for the pastors that are coming. But, there is hope, a few more minutes of this mindless gibberish that I am writing and I will have enough words to call it a night. Oops, I fell asleep 15 minutes ago with my hand on the screen, and talk about gibberish! Nothing but g’s, I couldn’t leave that on the screen, a little to boring. OK, I think I have pulled it off, a blog of nothing but nonsense, a half step below my normal blog!

1 thought on “Default Settings

  1. Phil Gaboury

    Hey Dee, there are many times at night when I am going over my memory verses for the night that I feel the same way, I put in a valiant effort but I know it’s not my best. I love God and try to do my best, but it doesn’t always work out especially when I’m tired. I love you and still pray for every day.



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