You Don’t Have to Act the Way You Feel

When we use the above phrase, we are assuming that we are talking about bad feelings. The good feelings of love, peace, joy, compassion, mercy, passion to accomplish a good idea, passion to build something good , we don’t resist, in fact we seek them in order to be good and motivated. The emotion of joy makes us feel very good, as does the emotion of love and peace, and we wouldn’t think of not allowing ourselves to act fully the way we feel. On the other hand when we are having strong emotions of lust, we try not to let that emotion control our behavior, the same goes for anger and bitterness. We can tackle these bad emotions head on and resist them so they don’t force us into a way of acting that will have huge consequences. But a better way of dealing with them is to get rid of them completely out of our life. It would be so cool,if we could just go with our emotions, and let them be a full part of who we are without having to be concerned that one of the bad boys would stick their head up in our life, and mess things up, big time. But how do we get rid of the emotions that lead us into sin and replace them with good, healthy, positive emotions that make us feel alive? That is a very good question, but let’s wait until tomorrow to attempt to answer that one.

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