Growing my Blog

My life purpose statement is to influence as many people as possible to become devoted followers of Jesus, and to influence as many followers of Jesus as possible to bear much fruit for Him. One of my tools for accomplishing this life mission is writing this blog. I pray every day for wisdom in writing it, and I pray and ask God to bless it and use it for His glory. In 2018 there was 57,300 views of my blog not counting Face Book, and this year there was 67,500 views, which is a 1,200 view increase. My personal goal for 2020 is that I will have 100,000 views which will be an increase of 2,500.

My strategy to accomplish this goal is to pray about it everyday, and to ask God to give me wisdom in my writing so that I write in a way that does influence people spiritually, and is also written in a way so that people enjoy the reading experience and are inclined to continue to read it, and to encourage others to read it. I also am reading books on how to write successful blogs, and listening to audio and video presentations on successful blogging.

I would like to ask those of you who are subscribers of my blog to help me in my pursuit of my goal. The first thing you can do to help me is by recommending it to others. A great way to do this for those who are on face book is to repost my blog so that your face book friends can read it. A second way is to email or message me any suggestions you have on how to write it better. It might be grammar or spelling suggestions or it might be style or content suggestions. I believe in the Biblical principle that “in many counselors there is victory” so counsel away!

4 thoughts on “Growing my Blog

  1. Bob Stewart

    Good morning Pastor Dee. I think your thumbs got in the way of your typing last evening? I’m assuming you meant to state that your blog growth was 10,200 in 2019 and a blog growth goal of 32,500 in 2020?
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Rich Layman

    Well, now that you asked, I will tell you that you frequently misspell “too” for “to”. I never wanted to say anything as I did not want to appear critical and if anything I want to encourage you to continue your blog, I read it every day and enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work and by the way, I do tell others about it.


  3. robertahlquist99

    My main suggestion for writing it better is to learn how to use the built-in styles in wordpress where you write the blog so that your text isn’t so large.  Would make it easier to read.  I don’t know how wordpress works exactly, but I know that when making a ‘note’ in my iPhone, there are a few different ‘styles’ that I can apply to any paragraph–each style auto-formats the text.  They are: Title, heading, subheading, and body.  I am wondering if you are inadvertently drafting your whole blogpost in the ‘title’ style or ‘heading’ style (?) because the text is very large.  There are some grammar issues here and there in your posts, but I don’t most people would not notice them anyhow.  Keep up the faithful blogging!


  4. Sandy Hollenbeak

    Pastor Dee, I love your blog, look forward to it every day! Content is what matters most to me. Thank you for putting so much effort into it, I will make more effort in sharing with friends and family.



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