Star Wars

I took some of our kids and grandkids to see the new Star Wars movie last night. We had a good time together and I always enjoy being with my family. The movie itself was alright, but I much preferred “The Battle of Midway”, but I wouldn’t have taken my young grandkids to see that movie. Actually the highlight of the movie night was the big barrel of popcorn with lots of extra butter on it, but it cost as much as the movie ticket😩😢. The main problem I had with the movie is it has been years since I have seen a Star Wars movie, and I didn’t see the last two that came out so I couldn’t figure out the plot. It seemed like everybody was related to everybody somehow and some liked each other and some didn’t. Everybody in the movie seemed to be living their lives reacting to the past, and because I was ignorant of the their past not having witnessed it on the big screen I was mostly lost. Our daughter Sherri watched the last two Star War movies on DVD so she was up on the plot, and knew what the underlying motives were that created the tensions, reactions, and decisions in the movie.

Kind of reminded me of a lot of people in general in the present. We all have a life history which includes good things and bad things, events that are positive and give joy and events that are very painful and create sadness and depression. Most people do things, make choices, react, have emotions and treat others in ways that are influenced by their past. And often they are unaware of the programming that has taken place in their minds and souls from the past that prompts present behaviors.

One of the blessings of being a follower of Jesus is that we have the potential of experiencing His healing of the wounds of our past. There are many passages in the Bible with that promise such as,

Psalms 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

I said the “potential” because many don’t experience His supernatural healing even though it is available. Very few people will be able to experience healing of past hurts and wounds on their own, by themselves, without help from others. So it is our prideful self-sufficiency and independence that often keeps us in the state of being controlled by our past. We have been created by God as interdependent people. God gives grace but He gives it to us through others. People with really good friends, relationships, families, marriages, and who are part of a healthy church family practice the “0ne-anothering” commands given in the New Testament on an ongoing basis and are always in a state of being healed and causing healing in others. Some of the “one-anothering” commands are “encourage one-another”, “forgive one-another”, “admonish one-another”, “comfort one-another”, “love one-another”, “pray for one-another”, and others.

I am a big believer in counseling and the power it has to help people have healthy souls. I am a preacher and teacher of the Bible primarily in my life and in my role and relationship with others because God has given me that gift and ability. Some people have an ability to listen and discern, and speak words that comfort, encourage, and heal. And some with that special ability have discovered it, developed it, and use it as part of the “Body of Christ” as a ministry, and some make their living doing this.

In the early years of my ministry I experienced some major failures, hurts, and criticisms that resulted in significant health issues, impacted my relationship with God, with other people, and would paralyze my ability to do anything for fear of failing. I spent time with and talked to other Pastors who were older and wiser, with good friends in the church, with my family and wife, and on a number of occasions sought out counseling from professionals.

At this point in my life at 71 years of age I have a healthy soul, I am free from fears, bitternesses, and moods caused by the past. I am enjoying life, ministry, family, friends, and cope well with disappointments and trials as they come. My present state of being free from the past is not an accomplishment of self effort, it is a result of choosing to get help and receiving God’s Grace from others.

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