My Mom’s Journey

Patty and I drove up to Trout Lake, Washington this morning to be with my Mom. It doesn’t look like from her condition that she will be with us much longer. As I sit next to her and talk she vacillates from being very aware and sharp making jokes and talking theology with me, and then a few minutes later she gets this blank look and wonders out loud who are the people in the room with her. She gets real tired and closes her eyes and goes to sleep and then in a few minutes she is awake and upset at someone for something that makes no sense. I remember my mom as being very strong in the midst of anything life brought her way so it is very difficult for me to sit next to her and see this very frail lady struggling to maintain her sense of dignity and worth. Life is strange, but I know even when I can’t make sense of things that God is in total control and someday when I get to heaven it all will make perfect sense.

I was so proud of my kids who drove up yesterday and prayed with her and sang to her and with her as she joined in. She commented over and over today how special that was to her.

1 thought on “My Mom’s Journey

  1. Mike Wilde

    Your Mom is another wonderful example of a fully devoted follower of Christ. She is finishing the course well, 2 Timothy 4:6-8.



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