Monday Night Football

I watched Monday night football tonight at the church in the “Men’s Ministry Room” on a 65 inch screen with some other guys. We ate fried chicken, chips, and drank soda pop as we watched. It was probably the most exciting, back and forth, back and forth, into overtime, down to the wire game I have ever watched. It ended well if you are a Seahawk fan and San Fransisco’s perfect season ended.

I enjoy evenings like tonight because of the good game, but mostly because of the joy of hanging out with friends.

God is a trinity, the Father, the Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, they are community, and those of us who are followers of Jesus will be joining that community, that family some day very soon. We were created by God for relationships. On our own, without help from others, without encouragement, without fellowship from others, and without accountability we cannot have lasting joy, success in life, growth in our character, or any level of accomplishment.

The principles that God gives us in the Bible on how to have healthy relationships are probably the most important principles in the Bible, beginning with how to have a healthy relationship with Him. It isn’t an easy task, having a healthy relationship with others because we all are so selfish, prideful and self-absorbed. The pursuit of unity and love with others takes humility, persistence, and wisdom. The pursuit of unity with others is the number one cause for character growth in ourselves which is God’s primary goal for each of us.

And that is why I will keep watching Monday night football.

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