Don’t Argue

One of the commands in the Bible that I work very hard at keeping is “so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all me”. That is getting harder to follow in light of the political climate in our country. People’s views and opinions seem to have grown stronger and many have become very emotional in the support and defense of their views. And I admit my own views and opinions have become much stronger and important to me than they have ever been. My personal view is that abortion is murder. It is as much murder as it would be if I shot someone in the head with a high powered pistol who was standing in line in front of me at WalMart who was taking to long to check out. I believe the Bible is very clear that life begins at the point of conception in God’s view. Hundreds of thousands of pre-born people have been murdered in our country for a variety of reasons, but mostly for convenience. I also believe that the devil and his demons are very much involved in the hysteria that is connected with most discussions on this topic. The devil’s agenda is is to kill and destroy people created in the image and likeness of God, and he especially likes to destroy children. God is God, He is in charge, He is the judge, and our country is under the judgment of God for the murder of so many young lives whose potential was never experienced. I have prayed and prayed over the years that somehow a God would do something to overthrow “Roe vs Wade”. I don’t believe that any other topic or agenda is as important as this one .

2 thoughts on “Don’t Argue

  1. David Bene

    I am an old guy. I hear you when you say “Don’t Argue”, and when you quote: “so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men”

    Pastor Dee, you may be the best contemporary Christian writer I have read.

    And, I have found these wisdoms which are on-point of this article.. I think God gave them to me, over a period of years.

    I have been trying to get all peeps, even Christians(!), to “work toward consensus”. Admittedly that is very hard to do. (pride really gets in the way) But,
    1. God says “Love your enemies” …like those with whom you disagree…
    2. God says “lay down your life” (let go of pride) …so others may also be saved…
    3. Disagreeing sides of a consensus have to get humble.
    –Surprisingly, true humility/love is VERY powerful.
    4. Both sides have to act as if the other side has value, and need love and personal acceptance, if not acceptance of ALL of each side’s points..
    5. Both sides have to admit that at least parts of a particular consensus effort have value…then consensus is possible

    MORE Things to think on…
    A) If you haven’t learned to love… —and to BE love, and to DO love, and to LIVE love, most every day, most of the time— …you’ve never really grown up yet. –Me

    B) “There is not one human misery of any kind, from Adam & Eve right up to the present day & minute, that that has not been, or was not caused by, either a human defying God/Love, or, a human not acting-out in love for himself and/or others. —Me

    I wish your Church/fellowship was closer to where I live!



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